• Little Panthers - Tae Kwon Do Class

Little Panthers - Tae Kwon Do Class

Little Panthers Program: Ages 3-4

45 Minute Classes

Our Little Panthers' Program is a special class for our younger students. Due to the shorter attention span of this age group, this program offers shorter classes with more personalized attention. Teachers will work with Little Panthers to teach spacial awareness, discipline, and help build coordination and focus.

This will lay the athletic foundation for martial arts and other sports as well as the discipline and focus to accelerate outside the dojang.

Call us about our Little Panthers' program. You are welcome to come and watch this class in person.

*Kids birthday parties are available on the weekends for ages 3-11. No martial arts experience is required. Please contact us for more information.*

Class Details

  • Little Panthers (ages 3-4)
  • 1 Hour Classes
  • 281-497-2633