We offer three to four different classes a day six days a week so that students can be taught in their age and belt group. If you are interested in taking classes, feel free to call for more details or visit to watch a class.

Intro TaeKwonDo: Ages 4-6

Our younger students participate in lessons with simplified training to help build their understanding of Tae Kwon Do. Through the program, students will learn to improve their confidence, focus, and motor skills to better prepare them for their eventual transition into the children's class. Our committed teachers, who have many years of training, will work with the students to learn basic techniques and how to follow directions while creating an enjoyable learning environment.

These classes will not only offer a smoother transition into the children's classes, but will also help them with focus and discipline outside the dojang.

Kids' Program: Ages 6+

In our Kids' Program, children learn to strengthen their mind and body through Tae Kwon Do. Classes focus on discipline, respect, and concentration as well as increasing physical strength and balance to create a well-rounded learning environment.

Classes are offered as all belt or separated between lower and high belts. Black Belt Kids classes are also offered, where students get a chance to focus on higher techniques and weapons training. By learning the importance of both the mental and physical attributes of martial arts training, students will develop integrity, confidence, and perseverance, allowing them to excel both inside and outside the dojang.

Adult Program: Ages 13+

Teens, adults, and seniors are welcome.

The Adult Program teaches traditional ITF Tae Kwon Do and so much more.

Classes work on strengthening mentality and building technique as well as real life defense skills. This program is a great means for staying active and physically fit as well as being a healthy option for stress relief.


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