Frequently Asked Questions

In a word, we bow out of respect and gratitude. We respect instructors and fellow students. There are also cultural influences as well. Bowing in Korea is a greeting that is equivalent to a sturdy handshake or a wave of the hand. Greet the instructors and fellow students with courtesy, respect, and gratitude when you see them.

The orders of the various rankings follow this sequence: White, Yellow, Green, Green High, Blue, Blue High, Brown (3 levels), Red (3 levels), and Black. Once a Blackbelt, advanced training begins. The goal of black belt training is to master the many techniques learned and attain higher degrees of black belt. It is also important to respect and appreciate all those that hold a higher rank because of their experience, knowledge, and generosity to instruct others.

The first thing to clarify is that sparring is not mandatory nor is it required. It is an optional aspect of training provided to the student. The instructors will let you know when you are ready for sparring. Usually that is when the student has been training for at least 4-6 months, or if you feel you are ready you can ask the instructors to buy sparring gear. The reason students do not begin sparring right away is because they do not have the skills or experience to participate in an activity such as sparring.

All the the sparring equipment is available at the school. When you are ready, an instructor will fit and customize your sparring equipment so it is the correct size. Equipment includes footgear, gloves, shin guards, headgear, and a bag. The question that follows is usually why we have to purchase the equipment at the school. The answer to that is simple: the school is about uniformity and standardization. It is a rule to purchase equipment at the school so every one has the same equipment and every one is matching. This is also the reason why it is a requirement that we wear the same uniforms, belts, and patches.

Promotional colored belt rank testing is held every two months. It is usually towards the end of the month. Dates for tests are posted in advance at the school. Since there are exams every two months, it is important to be consistent, practice on a regular basis, and give 100% during class time.

The test for each belt level includes a pattern, terminology, understanding and proficiency in the drills for your recommended level, one step sparring, and board breaking techniques. Listen, learn, practice over and over what your instructors teach. Work hard while you were in class so you will be ready when test time comes. The instructors will let you know in advance when you are ready to test.


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