At Cho's, all of our instructors and assistants volunteer to help classes in order to give back to the school. There is no specific rank at which they can start helping, but they must be experienced in what is being taught. Because of this, they are usually black belts.


Our most distinguished instructors are our three Masters, Maureen Gillis, Keith Closius, and Tom Brown. They are each third degree black belts set apart by their years of experience teaching at the school.

Other 3rd Degrees

The other third dan black belts at the school have been promoted more recently and assist with or teach some of the classes. They include Karen, Jennifer, Vlad, Kanoa, Jade, and Ciara.

Assistant Instructors

Many of our other black belt students start assisting with classes at a much earlier point. They join in to help other students learn their patterns and the techniques being used in the class.


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